Becoming Fully Engaged!

Ready to get the gears turning? To leverage the mindset, knowledge, and skills required to take your practice to the next level? Then become a member of the Fully Engaged group, along with many of the most successful orthodontists in North America! Fully Engaged (FE) members participate in an ongoing and spirited exchange of ideas and best practices, and our mission is to cultivate an environment where those who desire to protect and promote the orthodontic profession and improve their own practices can securely share, learn, and grow together.

Membership Highlights

1) FE includes an annual meeting with free registration for up to 4 and one hotel room included in the dues. Each year we visit a top shelf practice and have incredible round table discussions for doctors and the various types of team members! The amount of actual implementation done by FE practices year after year is incredible. FE members don’t just talk – we DO!

2) FE includes its own Facebook groups where the best and brightest doctors and teams on the continent share the newest and most progressive ideas. As participants of other collaborative groups may know, leaks are common and information finds its way to non-members. FE is different. All FE members sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and confidentiality is engrained in our culture. So FE members have total confidence that what they share will not go beyond the group discussion.

3) FE members are also permitted to visit the clinical operations of the The Progressive Orthodontist founder, Dr. Benjamin Burris in Orlando. For many ortho teams trying to implement the many concepts and systems learned in FE, seeing is believing, and touring Dr. Burris’ practice is a great way to prove to your team what is truly possible!

4) FE also includes participation in our national provider network called Guarantee My Smile, which offers our members a differentiating value proposition that’s sure to give you and your Treatment Coordinators an edge over the competition! Additionally, through the Guarantee My Smile lifetime retainers program, your practice can quickly and easily begin generating enough additional income (if properly leveraged) to singlehandedly cover the cost of membership in the FE group!

The cost of becoming a Fully Engaged member of The Progressive Orthodontist is $15,000/yr for the first doctor in your organization, plus $5,000/yr for each additional doctor on your team who would like to join. Only doctors with an ownership interest in the practice are permitted to join. Each member’s practice is guaranteed geographic exclusivity, and the Fully Engaged group is currently limited to 100 members. As of this very moment, our membership is at maxed out, but we encourage you to submit your application today to get your name on the list!