The advisory board consists of some of the brightest minds in the industry. Their insight is instrumental in helping build a community of forward thinking orthodontists. The different perspectives provided by this group are what makes the Progressive Orthodontist content so valued by a new generation of orthodontists.

Dr. Jason Battle Dr. Jason Battle
Dr. Derek Bock Dr. Derek Bock
Bridget Burris
Dr. Courtney Dunn Dr. Courtney Dunn
Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth
Dr. Kyle Fagala
Dr. Jose Luis Garcia Dr. Jose Luis Garcia
Dr. John McManaman Dr. John McManaman
Dr. Anil Idiculla Dr. Anil Idiculla
Dr. Alfred Jackson Dr. Alfred Jackson
Dr. Aly Kanani Dr. Aly Kanani
Dr. Kliff Kapus Dr. Kliff Kapus
Dr. Nona Naghavi Dr. Nona Naghavi
Dr. Sarah Sharfstein
Dr. Jason Tam
Angela Weber Angela Weber